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XLO R3-2-2M - 2 meters

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Product Specifications
R3-2 Balanced Audio Cable
This cable’s unique self-shielding design uses differential inductance to cancel EMI and RFI and add 6db to your system’s overall signal-to-noise ratio. No need for conventional shielding in all but extreme noise applications. A superior performer in all balanced line applications, hand-terminated with XLO’s own proprietary 24K direct gold-plated Brush-Wellman Alloy XLR connectors.
  • New Integrated Field™ winding geometry with revolutionary Wavelink™ signal transmission technology
  • Proprietary treated 6N (99.99998% pure) Laboratory Grade copper conductors
  • XLO™ formulated, ultra-low capacitance, non-fluorinated polymer dielectric insulation
  • Terminated with XLO's exclusive, precision machined XLR connectors with 24K mil-spec gold-plated contacts
  • XLO™ cable identification ring for cable directionality and authenticity

XLO Updates Reference-3 and Signature-3 Cable Lines get out of the way. And there’s the rub; it’s extraordinarily difficult to make cables that sound like nothing at all. reduces stored energy with low-mass dielectrics and by using the best materials with the minimum dielectric constant and the fastest release rate; the faster stored energy is released from the dielectric, the less distortion in the signal. always out of phase with passing signal because the stored-energy release is triggered when polarity changes as the downward-going half of the waveform passes the zero crossing point resulting in smeared signal transmission.

H τιμη αφορα 1 ζευγος , μηκους 2 μετρων .


What Are You Doing? As Little As Possible!
Cables are everywhere in an audio/video system; without quality cable engineering and manufacture most of the performance stays locked up inside your components. Relying on a jumble of different cables to tone-control a system is equally unsound. Cables should just…
But  XLO is in an excellent position to get closer to… the sound of nothing. “We control the manufacturing of our own product, just as we’ve done for more than 15 years,” enthuses XLO’s president Allen Sung, “giving us 100 percent quality control backed with a lifetime warranty. We have the capacity, machining and engineering expertise to work the conductor and dielectric materials. We design and produce all our specialist connectors. The product is of such quality that it’s supplied OEM to a surprising number of other brands.”
What’s the Fuss with Dielectrics
Like all XLO products Reference-3 and Signature-3 cables minimize capacitive discharge effects. As current passes through insulated conductors the “capacitance effect” stores passing signal energy in the surrounding dielectric material. That’s turned into heat or quickly released out of phase back into the signal path as soon as the polarity changes leading to signal cancellations, reduced low-level detail, smeared muddy sound, and other out-of-phase artifacts. It’s not pleasant.
Details, Details, Details…
The conductor and its surrounding dielectric play key roles in the overall electro-mechanical balance of signal transfer, along with resistance, capacitance, inductance, and characteristic impedance. Each have their effects, none exist on their own. As signal/current passes through a pair of conductors separated by a non-conductor – the dielectric – it actually creates a capacitor as the dielectric (and jacket) absorbs then releases a portion of the passing energy back into the signal path. And that’s not the worst of it. The stored-and-released energy is .
The best dielectric is air, but the next best material is Teflon™ which we use in XLO and Argentum Acoustics® cables. In fact, XLO cables use as little Teflon as possible with proprietary processes allowing us to extrude Teflon in extremely thin jackets to mil-spec tolerances, a difficult process reserved for medical and aerospace applications. We achieve even less mass by gas-injecting the air-filled former dielectrics within the cable, one of the major features allowing XLO cables to…sound like nothing at all!
The Teflon Connection
When Ultralink/XLO claims advanced technology we’re talking about, for example, our special access to Teflon variants that no other manufacturer enjoys. “Back in the ‘90s the local Teflon distributor didn’t understand what we were doing,” Allen picks up the story. “He passed us directly to DuPont whose interest was piqued. In fact, XLO Electric won the Plunkett Award two consecutive years for ingenuity in using Teflon; Roy Plunkett, a researcher at DuPont, invented Teflon. We were practically the first cable manufacturer to use it, and every time DuPont comes up with new variant or polymer we have an opportunity to try it out. We’re a licensed DuPont manufacturer and passed their stringent testing and approval requirements.”
The Metal Makes It
Using updated Reference-3 and Signature-3 as an example once again, interconnects and speaker cables are highest quality custom-drawn 99.99998% ("Six Nines") pure Laboratory-Grade copper. Signature 3’s higher specification calls for UP-OCC 6N copper (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting process). Proprietary Integrated Field™ Winding Geometry – how each signal-bearing conductor is arrayed relative to the others – is optimized for the interactive relationship between current-controlled electromagnetic fields formed around a cable's conductors, and the electrostatic fields formed around its insulation when an audio or digital/video signal passes. For more information go to our Downloads page and read XLO’s White Paper
Even our hand-terminated connectors are direct-plated 24k gold with no shiny but poor-sounding nickel substrate: Nickel is ferrous and becomes magnetized when passing signal current. The magnetic field is modulated by the electrical signal and the connector retains a residual magnetic charge. Making our own connectors also allows XLO to ensure constant impedance from one end to the other.
An F-16 in Every Cable
Looking at XLO you can easily see the cable wind or “cable lay” as there’s no jacket. While the connectors look stout they’re actually as low-mass as possible. The connectors done shine because their 24k gold finish is direct-plated without a “jewelry finish” ferrous nickel substrate that’s usually magnetized, a real music killer. The connectors are also usually made of the same material as the conductor to more carefully control the cable’s impedance end-to-end. There’s a tremendous amount of hand labor involved; there’s only so much you can do on a machine, then experienced hands intervene and terminate the cable. That’s why XLO is available in custom lengths.
“When we brought XLO Electric into the Ultralink family it retained almost all the same staff, the same people terminating the cables today,” Allen says proudly. “General Dynamics used to build F-16 fighter jets in Rancho Cucamonga and then moved to Arizona. Their employees had the option to relocate or stay local and find new work. A lot of them stayed and there were a number of skilled people around who used to build rocket guidance system harnesses! Some of them now work for us and we’re very happy to have them. They’re all very experienced at intricate, precise hand terminations and have been with XLO Electric since 1991.”
XLO… Sounds Like Nothing At All !!
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XLO R3-2-2M - 2 meters
XLO R3-2-2M - 2 meters

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